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Search Engine Marketing Differs From Search Engine Optimization

The terms “search engine marketing” (SEM) and “search engine optimization” (SEO) are often used to replace one another when they shouldn’t be. These are differing concepts and should be regarded as such.

What are the differences between both concepts?

Let’s take a look for those who are wondering where the differences lie because it is best to understand this before you decide one way or the other.

What Is SEM?

Search engine marketing is an umbrella term that oversees concepts such as SEO. This is the best way to understand what the difference is between both.

SEM revolves around the idea of Internet marketing using visibility in search engine results as a mean to bolster incoming leads and traffic.

This is a marketing form that relies on various approaches to helping a site rank. It does not have to be free as it can be a paid method as well (PPC).

There are various variations present in the world of search engine marketing for those who are looking to use this as a method to drive traffic and new leads to their site.

Components included in SEM are things such as SEO, PPC, and general paid search ads.

What Is SEO?

So, let’s move onto the next category in this comparison and how it compares.

SEO is search engine optimization where the goal is to optimize a site and its content to help rank for specific keywords on Google and other search engines. Specific SEO methods are used to help make your site look better in the eyes of these search engines.

SEO connects with SEM because it is a core component of how search engine marketing works. It is not the only part of SEM, but it is a large part.

Do Not Use Terms To Replace Each Other

It does not make sense for a person to go around suggesting they are doing SEO when running PPC campaigns. This will never work, and it does not make sense. This is where the difference becomes apparent.

What about those who wish to use SEM instead of SEO? Technically, the term can be utilized because SEO is a part of SEM, but it is not as accurate as you would like it to be and that can lead to additional questions about your approach. It is smarter to be particular about what you are doing and go from there instead.

Recommended Approach To Marketing

Not all marketers are suitable as a website optimization company. Ask questions and compare services.

So, what is the best direction to take?

It is recommended to look at SEO as a part of your plan instead of the only tactic being used. SEM is the foundation upon which you are going to build a plethora of campaigns. You should be looking to dive into various components of SEM including SEO to see results.

Think about this as you are preparing for an onslaught of new campaigns in the future.

Those who begin to differentiate between the two will succeed instead of using them interchangeably. Look at local SEO services for businesses to help with your marketing.