Local Marketing Plus can build website design that makes the phone ring. They were very kind, met or exceeded expectations for deadlines, and were extremely responsive to emails. They provided crucial creative insight into the new design and worked with us to refine the website to fit our vision. I would definitely recommend them for website design and will use them for all of our future projects!
Eli Purian
Eli P.
If you are looking for an expert in SEO in Kelowna, you should contact Local Marketing Plus. They helped me with creative writing for my marketing campaigns. They're easy to work with, efficient and produces really great work. I highly recommend them!
Micheal Reed
Micheal R.
For Kelowna SEO this company is amazing! They once again provided excellent service to me for my growing photography business. Most recently they helped me make a number of changes to my website to boost my visibility and SEO. They are consistently helpful and a pleasure to work with. They've made changes that would have taken me many hours to figure out myself.
Falko Kriel
Falko K.
Excellent service! Jo Ann has gone beyond my expectations in helping me refine/design my website and SEO optimization. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a reliable professional approach from someone with expertise in this field.
Des Regier
Des R.
Jo Anne has worked for us on a number of projects and completely delivers on her value proposition. She is creative, open minded and knowledgeable.
Candè Bridal Boutique
Candè Bridal B.
We can't say enough great things about Local Marketing Plus, Jo Ann has been incredibly patient and knowledgeable, she understands marketing like no other. She loves what she does and has loads of very valuable information that was key for us. We love working with them and will continue to recommend them
Jared Ball
Jared B.
Wonderful help. They understood my problem they gave me quick answers. They know their business how to move the business ranking up in the first second and third place in Google.
Brigitte Diemand
Brigitte D.
5 star SEO and website design. Jo Ann and her team exceed our expectations every time. Local Marketing Plus is our go to for anything we do web-based and we refer everyone we know to her no matter their location.
Norm #theshowerguy
Norm #.
Although I have not needed Jo Ann's services, I've spoken to others who have used her, and are they ever thrilled! Jo-Ann is personable and knows her stuff. It's very worth finding someone who knows what they are doing in SEO, and Jo Ann is the one!
Paul Victor
Paul V.
Jo Is my go to expert in all thing's digital! Massive value and results producing direction!
Matthew Corlett
Matthew C.
Our hotel has a mature website, but it hasn't been performing as well as it could. I've worked with BIG names and little names in SEO and online marketing, but have not been satisfied with results or the explanations for lack of results!In one consultation, Jo-Ann at Local Marketing clearly explained the exact problems with our website. She showed a clear and thorough understanding of how to build on the power our site does have, while correcting shortcomings to boast visibility and ultimately traffic and bookings. With each issue she explained why it was a problem, and how to fix it to make a difference. Essentially I was provided with a road map. Everything discussed was backed up with analytical tools and data. This is the first consultation I've had that really got to the root of our site's issues in a clear way, and provided clear steps to take to turn it around. I left the consultation with understanding and clarity, and a plan of action. Incredible. This is how it should be!I highly recommend reaching out!
David Hennes
David H.
Jo-Ann was very informative and helpful! I would consider her a top SEO expert in her field.
Anthony DeVose
Anthony D.
This vendor was extremely informative and I highly recommend there service!
Charles Mattingly
Charles M.
Wow, Local Marketing Plus understand digital marketing and SEO. Straightforward answers on search engine optimization. They did a website analysis and were able to identify the problems with our website and fix them. Highly recommend this team.
Richard Morrison Vancouver Homes
Richard Morrison Vancouver H.
Jo Ann has offered me incredible insights and assistance since the beginning of this year and she really knows her stuff and can get your business rocking!! I would highly recommend her services!
Bruce Dengue
Bruce D.
Local Marketing Plus understands Kelowna SEO and how to get a website found on the internet. We love our new website design!
Todd McHolland
Todd M.
We have to thank Jo Ann for Kelowna Website Design that Rocks! Our phones have been ringing since the website was completed
Andrew Smith
Andrew S.
10/10 for reliability, innovation and results for Kelowna web design.
Tony Diemand
Tony D.
Jo Ann's knowledge is unparalleled. We have learned so much from her in the last 2 years of working with her. Our website backend an SEO work has improved 1000%. Her work with automotive shops and automotive repair is second to none. Her marketing and SEO knowledge of the BC economy and how it relates to tire sales, transmission repair, diesel repair, and brake repair, has brought many new customers to us. Local Marketing Plus has also help to keep our customers coming back with customer retention programs. Thank you Jo Ann for your guidance and hard work.
Susan Benson
Susan B.
I have worked with this Kelowna SEO Company and find them very knowledgeable about all the ins and outs of website design and getting businesses noticed on the internet
Diane Dumont
Diane D.
Jo-Ann has created a beautiful website for my new business. She has been very responsive to my needs and to overcome any technical problems especially when someone like me is not very techy. Jo-Ann’s a knowledgeable resource and a very patient teacher. Thank you Jo-Ann! Jo-Ann is a lead generation specialist, a SEO guru, that can help you grow your business. You are definitely a company that I will recommend to get any business noticed and on the map so to speak.
Dean Washington
Dean W.
I have built several websites over the years with limited success at best. Jo Ann and her team have incredible knowledge on how to build a site and get it ranked on search engines. They definitely deliver on their promises which is why I highly recommend their services to all my business colleagues!
Amman Jillani
Amman J.
Great Experience! Jo Ann knows websites and how to make them work with SEO!!
Slavo Grunwald
Slavo G.
Very honest and professional service!
Next Level Window Cleaning
Next Level Window C.
Having done a lot of my own SEO in times past I found that it is a game that is constantly changing. It can be tough and even frustrating to keep up with while trying to run a business at the same time. I personally found Jo Anne to be VERY knowledgeable and up to date on the new changes and updates. I appreciated her “no pressure” sales approach and how she didn’t over promise anything that she couldn’t deliver on. She was honest, to the point, and gave me a ton of value. Finding a professional like her that you can trust is worth the money. I would encourage anyone to have her take a look at your site so you can see the value she can bring your business.
Curtis Allen
Curtis A.
I just got off a phone call with Jo Ann, and I'm blown away. She was able to pinpoint some issues with my site, explain how Google sees things, and make some incredibly valuable suggestions to me about how I can improve my rankings in Google's eyes. Jo Ann knows her stuff, I highly recommend Local Marketing Plus if you're looking for SEO work.
Cindy Finnigan
Cindy F.
Jo Ann and her team have done a great job with my new site. It has only been one month and I am seeing a huge increase in my quote requests through my site. I highly Recommend Local Marketing Plus!
Gary Lock
Gary L.
After years of advertising in the Yellow Pages and sending out flyers with almost zero results I was introduced to Jo Ann at Local Marketing Plus and she has totally changed my business. I now have a steady stream of new clients and everyone loves the website and the fact we are easy to find on page 1
Russ Hudson
Russ H.
I have been working with Jo Ann for about 3 months now, and the only word I can use to describe the results is WOW! Before going to her, we had spent 10+ years, 4 different companies and tens of thousands of dollars building websites and paying for SEO and whatever new words/language they came up with, only to have poor results over and over, after having heard all the excuses from them, I thought that's how this business works, "Google keeps changing everything and no one really knows what to do!" Until I was recommended to Jo Ann by a business friend. She has just rebuilt our entire website and it looks and functions great! She is prompt to make changes when needed, and our SEO / Google Maps ranking just keeps getting better every day! We are now on the upper end of the first page on almost all searches!! We are getting new customers every day mentioning they saw our new site and that's why they came to us!! Thank you very much Jo Ann!!!! I look forward to working together for many year to come!!
Tania Gustafson
Tania G.
Jo Ann at Local Marketing Plus sure knows her stuff! I was stunned at the things she found that were either not working well to boost my SEO, or that were occurring and negatively impacting my SEO! So thankful to have Jo Ann handling all the "behind the scenes" and watching my ranking improve.
Rahil Harris
Rahil H.
Joann has a very vast amount of knowledge on SEO and web design. She explains everything to you so you understand and walks you thru every step of the project. Comes highly recommended.
jose waggone
jose W.
Jo-Ann was really good at getting our YouTube video ranked. Our business is very visual in nature and it's often difficult to describe what we do in words. She understood what we needed, made it easy for us to get a video online and then on page one of Google
Hal Norris
Hal N.
Local Marketing Plus designed a beautiful website for our company. We are proud to have clients and prospective clients find us on Google. This has changed our business and increased our sales!!
Neil Tucker
Neil T.
Jo Ann did an analysis of our website that was on page 5 on the search engines. After making corrections and updates she has on website on Page 1. We are thrill with the business from our website and the fact that she only works with one of each business type in a city!!!
Keith Best
Keith B.
Jo Ann helped me when I was wanting to develop my business online. Would definitely recommend her to help get your business noticed.
Jeff P
Jeff P
JoAnn did an incredible job with our social media...I would totally recommend her!