Internet Video Marketing For SEO

Let’s break down the nuances of Internet video marketing and how it connects back to SEO for those wishing to rank on Google and Bing.

Internet Marketing For Businesses

SEO is an all-encompassing strategy to rank higher in search engines.


Some assume it is reserved for text, but in fact, it can be seen through other mediums as well such as images and videos.


The emphasis of this read will be Internet video marketing, which has launched forward in recent years as a prominent solution for those wishing to find an edge over others in the niche.


Let’s break down the nuances of Internet video marketing and how it connects back to SEO for those wishing to rank on Google and Bing.

What Is Video Marketing?

Let’s begin by defining “video marketing” because that is essential. With Internet video marketing, the idea is to use video as a means to distribute information and promote a particular brand or product [1]. It is a method that has been employed for decades on TV, but one that has spread online.


It is easy to understand the appeal of videos. It is a visual means to distribute the same content and engage audiences in a manner that is unique. Text can become annoying after a while and might not help engage those who have to be converted.

Now, let’s take a look at Internet video marketing and SEO.

44% Buyers Use Videos To Make Decision


Want to know the power of video marketing and what it brings to the table? A study was run on the topic recently asking 2000 participants what they used before making a purchase. 44% of these individuals stated it was online video marketing that enabled them to go through and complete a conversion.


This begins to highlight the power video marketing has over the market and why many businesses are using this as a means to rank and sell.


What about SEO? This is the question that will be on your mind.


The connection is deep. Google looks to see whether a site is of the highest quality and an authoritative figure in its niche. Videos can help with this process.


By using keywords in the tags and removing some of the other clutter present on your site, search engines will begin ranking you higher. It is a simple formula that has been used for images in the past and pushes into the world of video marketing too.


Videos are a wonderful means to rank and have been employed in recent months with great fervor.


The backlinks being created are powerful as well. It is easier to link a video on one’s site, and this can spread the word. Plus, YouTube is attached to Google and therefore is favored when it comes to SEO. By having a video up, it is an immediate boost to the site.


This is how Internet video marketing and SEO have become interlinked. Without one or the other, the results are not going to be same. Using videos is essential for those wishing to maximize their potential for ranking and making money.