Instagram Stories for Businesses

Instagram Stories is a great marketing platform to capture people’s attention

14 Reasons For Making Instagram Stories Part Of Your 2019 Marketing Strategy

Unlike social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, most businesses do not take Instagram seriously. They think it is used just for fun. The Snapchat-esque filters can turn a user into a cute ice queen, beautiful waddle bunny or into a puppy. That is why business people do not view Instagram as part of their marketing plan. They hardly know that they can make Instagram Stories part of their marketing strategy. 


Well, used strategically, the effects and filters can be of great help to a business. If you have no idea where to start or why you should, have a look at these 13 reasons.

Have A Look At These 14 Reasons.

If you have no idea where to start or why you should, have a look at these reasons.

When you think about  your business, the first thing that comes into your mind is customers. Instagram Stories is a great marketing platform to capture people’s attention. These 200 million daily users of Stories on Instagram could be your potential customers. Research shows that 71 percent of Instagram followers follow businesses. A 1/3 of the top viewed stories are created by businesses.

In most cases, IG users do not realize that Stories are a perfect platform to use Hashtags. However, you should not overdo it. Adding one hashtag to posts that you want people to find is a great strategy.

The discovery feature on IG Stories is awesome. Using Location Stickers is great if you have a location-based company. You can use these location stickers if you want to be connected to a local festival or suburb. Instagram Stories are in fact a great chance to attract new fans.

One thing you should note though is that IG is not “link heavy.” In fact, the feature of adding links to Instagram Stories is restricted to accounts with at least 10,000 followers or more.


Nevertheless, you can include one link to your IG profile. Hence, you should be very selective about where you direct people. Your new blog post, valuable content, and website should be worth a user’s time.

For those with 10,000+ followers, they can add several links to their Instagram profile.

As such, you will see a small paperclip/link icon at the top screen. This is where you will add your URL to other sources.

Another reason to make Instagram Stories part of your 2019 marketing strategy is the fact that it lets you tag other users.

You can attest that when someone tags you on their Stories, you feel valued. Once you feel valued, your relationship becomes even stronger than it was.

As an illustration, last week we silently launched our Analytics feature. Our aim was to get into our customers head. just to know their thoughts on the subject. As a result, we received hundreds of tags on IG Stories.

Eventually, we got introduced to new users that we might not have come across if we didn’t launch this Analytics feature. Since then, we have interviewed many inspirational individuals for our blog post. Out of this, our community has grown indefinitely.

Instagram Stories lets you show users what you are “cooking”. It is ideal for providing them some clues of what going on when you are away from the scene shots.


In doing so, users will feel the love and they will know you value them. This whole process boosts some degree of exclusivity.

Instagram Stories lets you show people your cute face and the loves in your life. When people have an idea of who you are they find it easy to connect with you.


Customers prefer buying products/services from businesses that value them. Through IG Stories people will understand your personality.


For the same reason, you can discuss why you are so compassionate about your brand. Let people know why you love what you do as well. This can add rampant fans to your company.

Most people are concerned about how the Instagram Algorithm keeps on changing. If you are among them, then this is what you should do. Create Stories on Instagram to help you increase your engagement rates. Constant interaction with followers on IG Stories can give people a chance to see the real you.

Some business owners and marketers might wonder about how they will benefit from content that will disappear after 24 hours. The simple and straightforward answer is – everything!


All you have to do is to use Stories on Instagram twice daily. You can give a 10 to 12 hours difference between posts. This will ensure you have a post in the newsfeed within the 24 hour period.

Similarly, Instagram lets you download posts and whole stories. You will then compile several Instagram Stories into “Highlights” or “Playlists” of content. This feature is perfect as it allows you to keep a collection of stories that followers can view later.


Just set your playlists to archive in the settings and you will be able to add a past story to your Highlist Playlist. Instagram saves all of these stories.

Thankfully, Instagram lets you mute some user’s stories. Just as followers in other social platforms, the ones for Instagram would feel undervalued if they knew you unfollowed them.


Well, that should not be a worry with IG Stories. You can comfortably add a user’s name in the feed and mute them for a certain period.

There must be a reason that would make you hide your Stories on Instagram. Maybe you don’t want your competitors to learn about your business secrets. Or maybe you don’t want your peers to know what you are cooking. Whatever your reason is, you can easily hide your stories from specific people.

Like, Follow or Comment other profiles that are of similar interest and have approximently the same number of followers on their account. If your account is about sports then connect with other sport niche Instagramers and either ask for a shoutout or offer a shoutout by

It is pretty simple here – Instagram is creative and fun at the same time. It is a great platform to show the hardworking people behind your business. You can use it to show the person behind your successful brand. To do so, you can try to develop some custom Instagram Stickers and post them on your page.