The Google Authorship program was created to ensure that only the most valuable and relevant content is placed into the top page rankings of Google which can prove highly effective in improving your own    realtor branding. As your articles and blog posts continue to soar in the search engine results, your professional reputation increases among your customer base as someone who is highly regarded in your field.  You are essentially establishing yourself as an industry insider, an expert in the field of real estate.


Yes, anyone can write an article and post it online in some random forum or blog.  But what comes next?  How does the writer know if the article is even being read by anyone?  And if so, who is reading these articles?  Are they potential clients?  Or are they being read by the competition?  The types of readers may make a world of difference in how you go about your   custom personal branding strategies on a daily basis.

Unique Content

Tracking your Readers

Once you have been awarded Google Authorship, there are a great many fringe benefits that you will immediately begin to receive which can help you to continue to improve and revise your future realtor branding strategies.  One of these advantages is the ability to track who is reading each one of your individual articles and what time of day they are reading them.  You can determine how each reader found your article in the first place and by which combinations of keywords they typed into the web browser to find you.  You can even track how long each viewer spent reading each of your articles.  Did they click on it for only a second or two?  Or did they continue reading until the very end?

And pictures require Google Authorship, as well.  You can take photos of your own individual portfolio of properties and post them inside your articles and blogs.  Now that these images are verified as your own, no one else can copy them or use them without being penalized in the page rankings. The effective use of pictures is a tremendous way to boost your custom personal branding, showing your winning personality or images of happy clients as you hand them the keys to their brand new home.  It is a well-known fact that page rankings links containing an engaging image tend to get clicked much more often than links that are simply “all words”.

Establish Credibility

Google authorship is a way of establishing credibility with Google itself, proving that you are not plagiarizing someone else’s content.  This is why your articles and blogs will automatically rise to higher levels in the page ranks.  As your credibility improves with Google, it will also improve with your customer base.  When it comes to the local market, your professional reputation is everything.

Google authorship is really not all that difficult to acquire.  And if you are already writing your own articles and blogs that are 100% unique and original, then it only makes sense that you would want to protect your branding by claiming your online content and images as your own.

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