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Local businesses face stiff competition online. They have to compete with large multinational companies with millions of dollars in marketing budget. But what many don’t realize is that there is a way to level the playing field. At Local Marketing Plus, our goal is simple: to boost your website’s ranking on Google by way of SEO and drive many targeted visitors to your site. 


Unlike other SEO companies, our products and services are in full compliance with the standards set by Google so you can rest assured that your website will never be penalized. With us, you’re assured of quality and value for money services.

How Local Marketing Plus Can Help Your Business

And that’s where the local search engine optimization services we provide at Local Marketing Plus comes in. As long as your business is up and running, we’ll optimize your site for Google in such a way that new leads and traffic are generated on a consistent basis.


More targeted leads, more sales – it’s as simple as that.

At Local Marketing Plus we like to keep things simple, so basically what it comes down to is this: you provide the product or service, and we’ll make sure that potential customers will find you on the Web. With our dedicated team of professionals, you’re assured of high quality and reliable services that will increase your site rank and consequently, your sales. Furthermore, we use special techniques to ensure that your site can take full advantage of local business opportunities.