There are very few business owners who think about Internet Marketing for their business and online security at the same time. While both topics are extremely important, there aren’t necessarily a lot of places where they seem to meet – at least at first glance. However if you dig just a little bit deeper then it quickly becomes apparent that the two might be a lot more closely related than you originally thought.

The Internet and Security

Any time you’re thinking about Internet marketing it is a very good idea to make sure you are also thinking about security, as well.

Should You Get An SSL Certificate?

This is a question that used to seem really clear as far as a yes/no answer, but it’s a bit more muddled now. If your website processes payments directly then it absolutely needs to have an SSL for the sake of providing security. In theory, if you gather any personal information and that even includes picking up e-mail addresses, you’re supposed to have an SSL certificate, although many sites didn’t used to.

Google has made comments that it does give an SEO boost to websites that have an SSL certificate. There have even been rumors that in the future Google will want to see an SSL on every major website they rank. While it’s hard to imagine massive penalties for business and niche sites that don’t have an SSL, a few years ago it was hard to imagine massive SEO penalties for every website that was not mobile friendly, but that happened.

Internet marketers looking at the long term health of their website or their clients’ websites will at least have to give it some thought.

Protect Your Website From Malware

One thing that will cause a website and all its associated online accounts to get slapped out of the rankings is malware. This can be from bad coding within a website theme, a malicious attack from a hacker, or a variety of other potential issues. The problem is that the after effects can go well after an initial attack.

If you have any type of a reputation from a Google search crawl or Yahoo search crawl, it can take an actual request for inclusion to break back in. What happens if Norton or an anti-virus monitor has you has a problem website or one with a history of malware? Look for high security and good software solutions from the beginning. It’s worth the extra payment for protection so your Internet marketing efforts don’t end up being for nothing.

Because make no mistake, no matter how well the programs are going, that will stop cold the moment problems with harmful software or malware comes into the picture. This is also why long and detailed passwords are so popular for both a hosting account and for the website design.

In Conclusion

Internet marketing is great, but without solid security you’re just asking for trouble. Attention is great when it’s the good kind from customers – but you have to be ready for the potential issues that could be right there.