Weighing The Pros And Cons: The SEO Consultant

Maybe you have been too overwhelmed building your own website,  pretending like making a social media presence full of your witty quips, and a first stab at a YouTube video and channel are going to burst your company onto the top of the search engine results. It’s that easy and a quick process, right? Wrong.

What Does an SEO Consultant Do?

Not only does it take you away from delivering products and services to your customers, but you may also be doing yourself a big disservice in many ways. And, the results of building a favorable online presence can take years.Anyhow, because the marketing efforts themselves are “off” it could be throwing off your chances of gaining relevance and favor with the search engines. If you cannot gain the respect of the search engines, then it can destroy your business. Yes, re-read that.
Other online businesses who were playing by Google’s rules back in the era prior to Panda, were in for earth-shattering, business-ending shocks when its reboot and new algorithms hit the scene. Actually, Google has rocked many companies’ world with other algorithm changes since then. The changes come quickly, out of left field, and without warning.

Sadly, many guru-sounding SEO consultant companies pretend that they can guarantee top-ranking results with Google in a short period of time. What’s sad is that you need to know that no one can guarantee quick results. Yet, there are ways to get ahead even so.

SEO Guarantee

A reputable SEO consultant will never guarantee quick results, and they stay abreast of Google’s changes. They use best practices for today’s search engines. For one, they research analytics, and long-tail keywords relevant to your industry niche for more targeted and promising traffic that are ready to buy.


Let’s say that your website sells cosmetic lasers and beauty products, such as hair color tools and agents. As it turns out, people who are searching for “hair color” are not as ready to make a purchase as someone looking for “blond hair frosting tips and foils”. It has been proven time and again that when a searcher is specific, they know what they want, are ready to buy, and are looking for the right place to buy.


Do you see how relevant your site is if you are offering up that exact term for the search engines to grab? The caveat is that the search engines will guess that this is what the searcher wants, that you have a valid, integrity-filled authoritative presence online that places you in the top 1,000 of providers worldwide.

A quality SEO consultant would know to further geo-target the buyers for your location. Do you think that the buyer wants to wait two months as the hair dye products are shipped from China? Do they trust those products? Or, are they in Canada, and need it shipped from Vancouver to Toronto quickly? Or, are they in Santa Clarita, and its ships from Reno? Proximity or local SEO may also play into the equation as well. That’s a good thing because it makes for more accurate searches and a greater likelihood of click-throughs to your site’s shopping cart.It is complicated. Go with an SEO company that knows and institutes best practices for your website and your business’s ongoing reputation management to curry favor with search engines.