Search Engine Optimization For Businesses

It is 2017 and to succeed with business Search Engine Optimization (SEO) you need trust. Google has emphasized on the need for trust and without it, your business (whatever it is) will remain irrelevant. Now that is bitter truth to swallow.

You have seen brands turn into every home’s favorite overnight. In equal measure, you have also seen other brands forced out of the market into oblivion. You had a vision for your business and none of it was to fail.

Technological changes have been particularly stern to the world of business. And you either adopt change or you are no longer in play. This is better captured by the phrase “shape up or ship out”.

At the heart of every successful business is a great SEO strategy. SEO is simply having your business at the right place at the right time. However, as easy as it sounds it is not easily done. Therefore, let us look into what really constitutes to good business SEO (because what some businesses are doing is far from SEO).

Rock-solid business SEO strategies to help you rank

Since its inception, business SEO has seen both dramatic and gradual changes. If you remember, what used to be a top SEO strategy back in 2000 is no longer relevant in 2017. You will be surprised to note the wave of change in business SEO. To be on the safe side, here are 5 evergreen SEO strategies to keep your business firmly in the lead:

  • Content marketing

The only way to be noticed is by letting customers know about you. You can do this by creating high quality and valuable content. And it does not end there, you have to market it. Get your content into authority platforms like LinkedIn, Quora, WiseLike and Reddit. Leave the rest to your customers.

  • Optimize page speed

User experience is one of the easiest ways to endear your business to customers. Pages that load fast is one way to enhance it. Unfortunately, not many businesses seem to understand the importance of fast loading pages. Online visitors are mean bunch with their time; they can only wait for an average 30 seconds for a page to load. Anything past that, they will be bored and move to the next. Test your website speed here

  • Shift your focus to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs)

Mobile search has by far surpassed desktop searches. The world has taken the turn into mobile devices and customers are increasingly using them for shopping and getting information. It is time you focus on designing mobile responsive sites. You cannot afford to miss on the millions of mobile users who are hungry for products, services and information.

  • Tap into the power of videos

Video is increasingly becoming the SEO strategy to beat. Whoever said a picture speaks a thousand words could never be more right. You should harness the power of videos and take your business to the people. Nobody can say no to a relevant video that seems to cement the value of your business to the society.

  • Engage and be social

One thing with business SEO, you can never win it all alone. You have to be social and engage with others. Where you lack authority, you can get help from a brand that does. As you become of age in SEO, you will realize the power of reaching out to others and learning a thing or two from them.


Is there a perfect formula to hack business SEO? Not really. What is there is understanding the needs of your business, what you need from it and getting it out to the targeted customers. That is what would qualify as a perfect business SEO strategy.