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Importance Of Reputation Management and Client Reviews

Reputation management has become an integral aspect in regards to a company’s marketing mix. This kind of online reputation management has become such an important and integral aspect of the marketing mix because an increasing number of consumers are utilizing search engines, social media, and review websites in order to begin the research process in order to make their final purchasing decisions. As a result, if you are not properly managing your company’s reputation online, your business, leads, and sales are likely to suffer as a direct result. Below, we will be going over why reputation management is so important along with getting positive client reviews.

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Reasons Reputation Management Is So Important:

1. Reviews Impact Buying Decisions.

The primary reason online reputation management and getting client/customer reviews is so important is because a majority of customers now use review websites and/or other means to research products and services before they make their purchasing decisions. Because Google and other search engines see the habits of consumers clearly, they have put reviews at the forefront of the user experience on their respective engines. Thus, if someone searches for related keywords or key phrases that your business is ranking well for, it is very likely that your business and it’s reviews will pop up whether on the search engine directly or through a third party review website. Consumers generally use these reviews to help make their purchasing and/or hiring decisions. Thus, if you are in the business of selling products or generating leads for a service based business, you will actually be impacted equally.

2. Numbers Prove It.

Over 90% of customers are known to look at reviews online of a brand, product, or service prior to making their purchasing decision according to Search Engine Land. Another strong fact that shows the importance of reviews is the fact that over 90% of consumers have said that positive reviews from clients and customers have helped to influence their buying decision at some point according to Search Engine Land. For this reason, it is critical to focus on getting positive reviews about your product or service and to sustain these positive reviews through adequate and sufficient reputation management.

The best way to ensure that your online reputation is protected is to hire a professional reputation management company. By doing so, you should be able to maximize your chances of maintaining a healthy and positive reputation on the marketplace because these experts will have the know-how and the experience to limit the damage of negative reviews and maximize the visibility of the positive reviews from clients.


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