Powerful Ways to Engage Your Customers

Everyone in the content world knows about Google. It is like having that one indecisive friend who changes their mind every second. It is pretty frustrating to have such kind of a friend. With a friend, you can shake them off but with Google, unfortunately you can’t. We all need Google in our lives.
So, our mutual friend Google has a new thing doing the rounds. From the word of those who have already tested it, they are calling it the Google new hype. It is the featured snippets. That is rather a confusing name. But they are simply those quick-access pop ups every time you are Google searching.
Companies and business even have a fancier name for it: position zero. That sounds like a name from a horror movie. Coincidentally, it holds some superpowers (not the dark ones, of course). Apparently, if your website or business is at position zero then you get a free pass to exposure and credibility.

And you know what is the better part about this magical position zero, you do not need to rank high or even spend much to achieve it. Now that gets you interested, right? To add an icing to the cake, here are the 5 powerful ways to get your business or website to position zero:

1.Creatively use images and content

Everyone is a huge fan of visuals. And why not use that to your advantage. As long as your images and videos are top quality and perfect for the audience, the only place you can go is up.

2. Incorporate some “how-to’s” in your content

The easiest thing to sell to people is one that helps them solve their everyday problems. How-to content has earned that tag and you should use it generously. If you can become the people’s problem solver with your content then getting to position zero will be a piece-of-cake easy. Just you know; you should keep doing so to remain in that haven.

3. Dedicate one or two pieces to answering questions

With everything changing at supersonic speed, people will always have questions. Well, that is a good thing because you can position yourself as a credible source of answers. Have your one piece go to answering any burning questions. This will put you in the fast lane to more exposure and earning credibility. That is the exact definition of position zero.

4. Format your content

Google loves content with some sense of chronological order. Headings, numbers and bullet lists would do much of the heavy lifting to format your content. If someone could make some sense out of your content in a few seconds thanks to its great formatting, you have earned a seat in the much-sought position zero.

5. Always have your audience in mind

First of all, the content is supposed to be for the audience. You do not need a reminder about that. However, this is not always the case. Businesses turn the story to be about them. And do you know where they end up? At the bottom of the ladder. Create your content with your audience in your mind.
If you can achieve all these, you should be getting ready for massive traffic.

How about that for an early Christmas gift?

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